Timelines for Final Cut Pro X

Ripple Timelines is a collection of 8 Final Cut Pro X transition effects that create graphical timelines for your videos. Each transition is highly customizable, allowing you to change just about everything, including colors, background graphics and text. Choose from preset camera-animation styles, and even adjust the preset to create the exact framing that you like.

Ripple Timelines: the world’s first Final Cut Pro X effect that moves your videos through time.

You can purchase Ripple Timelines for $59 from our online store.

Try it out for free:

The trial version of Timelines is available by installing FxFactory:

1.  Download FxFactory

You can install FxFactory by double-clicking the installer once the download is complete. Ripple Timelines will be available in the FxFactory application, as well as Final Cut Pro X, along with all other transitions.

2. Purchase Ripple Timelines for $59

You can unlock the trial version at any time by purchasing a registration code from our online store.