Luminaire Glows, Glints and Lighting Effects for FCP X

SUGARfx Luminaire is a set of 6 lighting effects designed exclusively for Final Cut Pro X.  A free trial of Luminaire is available in FxFactory.

Download Trial of Luminaire Plugins

Purchase Luminaire Plugins for $29

Dazzle Rays: shine effect that uses a processed version of the image as a matte, as well as a circular or square shape matte to control how the effect is applied back onto the footage.

Glow Matte: add glows to your footage depending on the luminance matte.

Highlights: a glint generator that uses a matte extracted from the lighter sections of the footage.

Light Sweep: a sweep of light that animates automatically in the direction that you can select and customize.

Matte Sweep: a manual sweep of light that can optionally use a luminance matte.

Twinkle: an animated glint that produces intermittent lights coming from the brightest parts of the image.

You can purchase SUGARfx Luminaire for just $29.