Why FxFactory?

FxFactory helps you reach customers using Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Motion, DaVinci Resolve, Logic Pro or GarageBand on the Mac. FxFactory lets you to focus on development while leaving marketing, distribution, licensing, payment processing and customer support to us.


Get your apps and plugins to the right audience:

  • FxFactory is the largest two-sided professional video marketplace, with dozens of existing developers and over a hundred products giving great network effects to participants
  • Target hundreds of thousands of users, from creators to feature film editors and motion graphic artists


Our infrastructure handles distribution, payment processing and licensing for you:

  • Your apps and plugins are hosted on our servers
  • One-click installation or removal of your products
  • Automatic notification and delivery of product updates
  • Maximise sales through our global network of value added resellers and distributors

Licensing and Payment Processing

Customers can try before they buy and get easy and convenient access to their purchases:

  • FxFactory supports trial versions of any product
  • Customers have their credit card on file to allow for quick and convenient purchasing
  • Multiple payment methods supported, including PayPal and Apple Pay
  • Handling of purchase orders such as required by institutional customers
  • FxFactory automatically restores all previous purchases when customers sign in, as long as they are still compatible with the current system configuration. Purchase history is recorded with each account, making it incredibly easy to move to a new system and restore a working configuration.

Technical Support

We handle the bulk of customer support for you. You will never have to answer basic inquiries again, such as:

Can I get my invoice from my purchase 6 years ago?

I don’t remember what I purchased!

Where do my plugins show up?

Can I pay with Paypal?

Can I get a refund?

We continue to relay valuable information from customers such as feedback, bug reports and feature requests.

To speed up the resolution of tech support requests, the FxFactory app allows the user to attach recent crash reports and a system profile to their message.

Visual Effects Development

FxFactory is more than just an app store, it is also a integrated development environment that offers tools to create visual effects plugins.

Take advantage of FxCore, our node-based compositing engine based on Metal, to develop a plug-ins without writing a single line of code.