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Creating plug-ins for Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Motion

Creating Motion Templates for Final Cut Pro X


FxFactory powers hundreds of visual effects for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro and After Effects. FxFactory provides a single set of tools that serve the needs of end-users and visual effects developers alike:

  • An elegant application that lets users browse, purchase and register all FxFactory products installed on their system.
  • Effects powered by FxFactory are available as native plug-ins in some of the most popular editing and compositing applications, and as Motion Templates in Final Cut Pro X.
  • The parameter configuration and features of each plug-in are identical in all supported hosts.
  • Hundreds of commercial and free effects already available, with new ones added monthly.
  • Users can create their own effects without writing a single line of code.

Developing Visual Effects with FxFactory

End users can download and install FxFactory for free, both to try commercial products before making any purchase and/or to use free effects, available as a separate download.

Development features are only available to FxFactory Pro users. These pages are dedicated to product development, an area where FxFactory has unique advantages over traditional approaches:

  • FxFactory leverages numerous GPU technologies for the best performance, such as OpenGL and Core Image.
  • FxFactory uses the Quartz Composer node-based compositing engine at the heart of Mac OS X, so that effects can be created without writing a single line of code.
  • FxFactory lets you create sophisticated parameter UI that integrates cleanly with the host application.
  • FxFactory sports a large number of custom parameters that give users the best-possible UI to access a feature in the plug-in.
  • FxFactory makes it super-easy to add advanced rendering capabilities to your plug-in, such as high-precision rendering, anti-aliasing, motion blur, etc.
  • FxFactory is a complete product delivery platform which handles all aspects of commercial product distribution for you. Create the effect, and make it available to end-users in days.1)

FxFactory also supports the development of products based exclusively on Motion Templates, providing unique advantages to developers seeking to target their products for Final Cut Pro X.

All FxFactory Pro users can develop plug-ins for internal use, or become a partner of Noise Industries, LLC to distribute their own free and commercial products to the entire FxFactory user base.

For more information on becoming a development partner, please contact

FxFactory currently supports only macOS. A Windows version of our software is not planned.
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