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ERA Bundle 5 Pro

Audio post production toolkit for professionals
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ERA Bundle Pro is the fastest audio clean-up solution for professionals. Salvage tracks which cannot be recorded again, save tons of time in editing and speed up your post production workflow. Get a complete solution for audio repair boasting noise reduction, automatic equalization, voice leveling, reverb reduction, voice deepening, de-essing, plosive removal, de-clipping, room tone matching and the curated plugin chains of the audio cleanup assistant. Compatible with every audio and video editor, the ERA tools are a go-to solution for better audio, instantly.

What’s in the ERA Bundle Pro?

The ERA 5 Bundle Pro edition includes all plugins in the ERA Bundle Standard plus the Room Tone Match plugin and improved versions of Noise Remover, Reverb Remover and De-Esser.

ERA Mouth De-Clicker NEW!

Save recordings by removing all the annoying mouth noises caused by saliva, or by the speaker's lips and tongue, with a single twist of a knob

ERA Noise Remover Pro

Save dialogue tracks which cannot be recorded again. With the help of the ERA Noise Remover Pro plugin, it’s simple to quickly remove simple noise signals from a recording in post production. But what if your source is more heavily damaged, or you simply want to allocate more time in fine-tuning? ERA Noise Remover Pro operates with up to six bands of processing, applied by differing amounts, so you can tailor the intelligent noise detection and reduction algorithms to your particular source material. An extra setting, dedicated to tonal, buzzing sources, is the best solution for solving electrical hum and interference.

ERA Reverb Remover Pro

Get a resoundingly tidier, professional sound without ADR. ERA Reverb Remover Pro goes beyond our basic ERA Reverb Remover plugin to offer multiband operation. With fine tuning over the strength of a reverb signal’s low, low-mid, high-mid and high frequencies, audio clean up gets deeper but stays fast, simple and convenient. ERA Reverb Remover Pro lets you customize the profile of reverb reduction across the frequency spectrum. Whatever you want to get rid of, this extra layer of surgical processing can help.

De-Esser Pro

Get more focus when one-knob de-essing isn't enough. Our ERA 5 De-Esser provides a single-knob solution for removing “Ess” sounds in spoken audio; but sometimes you need more control and customization. As part of the ERA Bundle Pro, the ERA De-Esser Pro lets you tailor the intelligent de-essing response with Focus and Shaping controls, and provides a larger display to visualize the audio waveform.

ERA Room Tone Match

Keep audio ambience consistent and reduce the ADR drama. Running as an AudioSuite plugin in Pro Tools, ERA 5 Room Tone Match analyzes and interprets the background noise of an audio clip in seconds, letting you automatically generate new background audio for a consistent, professional sound in post-production. It can even detect background ambience under foreground speech, so the whole process can take just a few seconds.

ERA Voice Deepener

Make your voice sound better and more attractive. The ERA Voice Deepener is designed to make your voice sound like how you perceive it when you speak. It’s an easy to use, single knob tool that adds depth and richness to your voice in a matter of seconds. Use the Voice Deepener to get a voice recording that is able to allure, convince and hook everyone.

ERA Voice AutoEQ

Improve voice clarity and tonal balance in a transparent way. Voice AutoEQ listens to your voice and automatically suggests mild frequency equalisation to make it sound amazing. You can then take the final decisions and tweak your sound to add Air, Body and Clarity with a simple three way dial. The Voice AutoEQ intelligently analyses the input signal in real time and allows you to instantly apply natural-sounding processing!

ERA Audio Clean-up Assistant

Work smarter and build your own audio repair chains. ERA Audio Cleanup Assistant brings all eight ERA 5 Bundle Standard plugins into one tool, letting you run a chain of five processors together at once. When you’re facing multiple audio catastrophes, or simply want to craft a killer workflow solution for repetitive clean-up or enhancement tasks, it’s ERA Audio Cleanup Assistant to the rescue!

ERA Noise Remover

The best noise reduction plugin. When recording outside, on location or in any untreated environment, noise always gets in the way; whether it’s passing cars, construction noise or mechanical whirs, noise can spoil the listening or watching experience for any watcher or listener. Fortunately there’s an easy fix. Accusonus’ Noise Remover is a simple, one dial plugin which cleans your recordings of noise instantly.

ERA Plosive Remover

Make plosives a thing of the past. ERA 5 Plosive Remover is a specialised tool designed with the explicit purpose of salvaging recordings plagued by vocal pops. With its clean, easy to use, single knob interface the ERA 5 Plosive Remover is a godsend for anyone looking for an easy, effective fix to their plosive problem.

ERA Reverb Remover

Reduce the ambient room reverb with a simple dial. The one knob of ERA 5 Reverb Remover interface gives you reverb free recordings in moments. The one dial interface makes it a breeze to turn reverb heavy recordings into audio that sounds like it was recorded in a treated studio, in seconds. You can also fine tune your sound using frequency focusing to target reverb in specific parts of the frequency spectrum.

ERA De-Esser

Control sibilance in seconds. Sibilance is an unavoidable problem in the recording process. Harsh esses can blight voiceovers and dialogue, so having a reliable and quick de-esser in your plugin arsenal is essential. Traditional de-essers require you to target sibilant frequencies yourself. However, ERA 5 De-Esser does this for you and can be used in any audio environment. It’s easy to use and has an intuitive interface paired with a powerful processing algorithm.

ERA Voice Leveler

Bring all your levels at the same range. ERA 5 Voice Leveler automatically manages the level of a voice track to keep it at a consistent energy. Produce great-sounding interviews using the Voice Leveler and bring everything back to range automatically. ERA 5 Voice Leveler’s intelligent detection algorithms can recognise and treat differently breath sounds in spoken audio, giving you yet another reason not to waste time with manual volume changes inside your video or audio editing software.

ERA De-Clipper

Salvage tracks which cannot be recorded again. Clipping happens when audio has been recorded at too high a volume, leading to the loudest peaks being and distorted. Whether you’ve been given bad audio by a client or have had to deal with less-than-perfect recording equipment, the ERA 5 De-Clipper can reconstruct the waveform intelligently, with just a couple of clicks.

Version History

The latest version of ERA Bundle 5 Pro is 5.4.0. We recommend that you install ERA Bundle 5 Pro only via FxFactory. Should you need to install any prior version of ERA Bundle 5 Pro, please contact tech support.
ERA Bundle 5 Pro 5.4.0
ERA Bundle 5 Pro 5.2.10
ERA Bundle 5 Pro 5.2.0
ERA Bundle 5 Pro 5.1.10
ERA Bundle 5 Pro 5.0.10
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