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Mac|Life reviews FxFactory Pro

FxFactory Pro is a win-win situation for plug-in developers and video creators alike. Noise Industries manages to elegantly unite end users with affordable, innovative solutions for spicing up their visual work, all while staying out of the way during the creative process.

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DV Magazine reviews FxFactory Pro

“Noise Industries continues to make leaps and bounds with each new version of FxFactory Pro.” Bottom line: “a must for every producer’s toolbox.” – J.R. Bookwalter

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Post Magazine reviews FxFactory Pro

“I found FxFactory Pro to be an indispensable part of my workflow for any edit or motion graphics project. They are so well designed and streamline so much of the tedious aspects of post for me; I will gladly gobble up any FX package they make available now or in the future. Seriously, the amount of time I have saved in just one project with FxFactory plug-ins has already been a positive return on investment.” –  Tor Johansen

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Videomaker reviews FxFactory Pro

"Noise Industries has assembled a quality piece of software in FxFactory Pro [...] we can recommend FxFactory Pro 2.0 to the intermediate-to-advanced videographer who wants to apply a wide variety of post-processing digital effects. Let the post-production fun begin!" – Mike VanHelder

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Creative Cow reviews FxFactory Pro

"FxFactory Pro 2, in my opinion, has everything going for it, high production quality, professional usability and value for money. I give it 5 COWs" – Luke Price

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EventDV reviews FxFactory Pro

"You could spend thousands of dollars trying to get even close to the same number of useful plug-ins for Final Cut Studio that you find in FxFactory Pro 2 for less than $400. Users of every skill level will benefit from these easy-to-use, powerful plug-ins that will become so valuable in your productions that you’ll probably start wondering how you ever got along without them." – Joe McManus

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Pro Video Coalition reviews FxFactory and FxFactory Pro

“I have to give a big “thumbs up” to FxFactory. It gives you easy access to a wealth of inexpensive plugins, including those in the FxFactory Pro package.” – Steve Hullfish

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The Edit Blog reviews FxFactory Pro 1 and 2

“Plug-ins, plug-ins, plug-ins. Can you ever have enough? If I could chose only one set of plug-ins for Final Cut Pro then FxFactory from Noise Industries would probably be the one.” – Scott Simmons

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Motion Picture Editors Guild reviews FxFactory Pro

“FxFactory Pro is a worthwhile investment for those who would like to add a little bling to their work. With its seamless integration into Final Cut Pro, effortless expandability, and plug-in creation component, this is a product that will serve the needs of both the casual user and the most technically savvy expert.” – Sharon Franklin

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LAFCPUG reviews FxFactory Pro

“Noise Industries has released FxFactory for Final Cut Studio, a collection of real time visual effects packages available for Final Cut Pro and Motion. More than thirty transitions, generations, and filters are available as a compositing package for Motion and an editing package for Final Cut Pro. The company's FxFactory Pro adds forty-six plug-ins to these two collections, and the ability to create, customize and share visual effects with other users -- all without writing any code. The company maintains an Effects Market at its web site to share or sell plug-ins developed by third parties.” – David Saraceno

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LAFCPUG reviews SUGARfx Themes

“All these generators are full animated, and the lower thirds include alpha channels. The "Open" generator includes four image wells for video assets while the rest provide a singular well. You also have access to your font database for titling and sizing. The background colors cannot be modified, however. This plug-in theme set, priced at $89.00, is excellent bargain for creating a packaged look for a video project.” – David Saraceno

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Toolfarm reviews FxFactory Pro

“FxFactory is an indispensable set of tools on any edit or motion graphics system. Whether you are new to editing and motion graphic effects or a seasoned pro, FxFactory gives you total control over the look of your project. [...] With the improvements in FCP 6 and Motion 3, FxFactory was running faster than a greased pig.” – Jim Geduldick

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Studio Daily reviews ParticleMetrix

“Imagine taking the new Alpha Transition effect that has been included with Final Cut Pro 7, turning it up a notch and not having to worry about dropping three clips into image wells to make it work. Sound good? That's not too far off from what you get with Idustrial Revolution's ParticleMetrix.” – Scott Simmons

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Digital Media Net reviews FxFactory Pro

“A great variety of effects that will not only make your clients very happy, but speed up your workflow. Purchase Recommendation : Absolute Buy” – Kevin McAuliffe

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Digital Media Net covers improvements to FxFactory Pro 2.0.8, Volumetrix 2.0 and SUGARfx HUD 1.0

“FX Factory Pro and it's partner effects companies, there really isn't one that stands out as being a weak one in the bunch. They all produce awesome effects that would be a welcomed addition to any editor or motion designers arsenal.” – Kevin McAuliffe

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Digital Media Net reviews Motype

“Motype from Yanobox is a good, easy to use text animation plug-in that anyone who does a lot of text work, or are looking to give their clients new and exciting treatments for their text should definitely look at.” – Kevin McAuliffe

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Digital Media Net reviews EasyLooks

“I have to say that for $49 U.S., DVShade's Easylooks is a great plug-in for users who want a good, simple color grading application to either start out their color correcting journey or add another color grader to their arsenal.” – Kevin McAuliffe

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Digital Media Net reviews SUGARfx plug-ins

“Now this is what I have been looking for. The Folding Cards package was one of my favorites, but World Cup is my absolute favorite. This is the way all of the packages should be layed out. All the possible parameters you could need to adjust are at your fingertips, and the wealth of presets makes this package an excellent one for sports and event editors alike.” – Kevin McAuliffe

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FCProducer reviews FxFactory Pro

“FxFactory Pro is candy for any editor especially ones that fight tooth and nail to try to add some style and pizazz to a video.” – Andy Coon

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P3Update Magazine reviews FxFactory Pro

“No one noticed the [FxFactory] filter until I did an A/B, then everyone agreed that the footage looked better with the filter. I was also able to enhance the beauty of a model using a glow filter that looked natural, but made a huge difference in the production value of the video.” – David Hurd

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FilmMaking Central reviews FxFactory Pro

“The defining factor for me with plug ins is speed. I love blazing fast speed. FX Factory Pro 2.0 boasts it is the fastest set of plug ins for Final Cut Pro and Motion and that is truth.” – David Basulto

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Digital Producer reviews FxFactory Pro

“Much like probably everyone on the planet, I love surprises. I like surprises even more when they are great surprises and involve something spectacular for a very affordable price.” – Kevin McAuliffe

Read More reviews Volumetrix

“I just spent a good part of my weekend putting off writing this review so I could have a ton of fun just playing with the Volumetrix plug-ins for Apple's Motion and Final Cut Pro Studio. It wasn't time wasted as there really is so much you can do with these two plug ins as well as the many plug-ins found in Noise Industries' FX Factory. The FX Factory plug-ins I will save for another review and focus strictly on Volumetrix, but as a small advance, they really have some wonderful and unique transitions, filters, and editing applications that are definitely check out worthy.” – Steve Douglas

Read More reviews EasyLooks

“Over the years, there have been a great many questions coming from editors regarding color correction. EasyLooks calls it 'color shading', but no matter what you call it, the desire to achieve a certain look, a certain ambience created by that certain look and feel, has been made easier recently by the creation of more and more grading plug ins that go far beyond simple color correction and Final Cut Pro's 3-way color correction wheels.” – Steve Douglas

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MicroFilmmaker reviews EasyLooks

“If you are a pragmatist with little spare time and only occasionally need to pull-off the kind of color effects Easylooks excels at, this plug-in pays for itself in a single use.” – Mark Bremmer

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MicroFilmmaker reviews SUGARfx HUD

“I like plug-ins; they save time. However, HUD not only saves time, it’s just flat-out fun to play with. If you like shiny things and are easily swooned by techno-cool then you’re already salivating and I don’t need to say anything more.” – Mark Bremmer

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Digital Content Producer reviews PHYX Keyer

“Professional results with little effort.” – Franklin McMahon

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digitalfilms reviews PHYX Color

“I find the many color correction tools to be the most useful of the various plug-ins on the market. For me, they become the most often used, because they don’t lock you into a trite look, characteristic of many special effects filters.” – Oliver Peters

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