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FxFactory supports After Effects CC 2019, After Effects CC 2018, After Effects CC 2017 and After Effects CC 2015. Earlier versions of our software are available to users running After Effects CC 2014, After Effects CC and After Effects CS6, After Effects CS5 and After Effects CS5.5.

All of our visual effects plug-ins are available in After Effects under the Effect menu:

After Effects does not differentiate between filters, generators and transitions in the Effect menu. You will find categories for all our products. The example below shows filters in the FxFactory Pro Stylize category:

Notice that FxFactory Pro Generators and FxFactory Pro Transitions categories appear under the same menu.

Plug-ins are also accessible through the Effects & Presets palette:

Applying Filters

In After Effects, effects can be applied to existing layers on the timeline. Select an existing layer and choose one of the plug-ins from the Effect menu to apply it:

Once a filter has been applied, it can be configured via the Effect Controls palette:

Applying Generators

Generators can only be applied to an existing layer, whose content is usually overwritten by the generator. In After Effects, it is common practice to create a new empty layer by selecting the Layer > New > Solid... menu command:

In most cases, you should make sure the new layer has the same dimensions as the composition, by clicking the Make Comp Size button before creating the solid layer:

Plug-ins in After Effects are configured exclusively via effect parameters. Generators sport an extra parameter at the end of the list called Composite on Original:

The Composite on Original parameter is helpful when you apply a generator over an existing clip (rather than a solid layer) to have the output of the generator rendered over the existing media.

Applying Transitions

As a compositing and motion graphics tool, After Effects lacks support for transition-style effects. In particular, it does not allow effects to be applied in-between clips. FxFactory allows you to use transitions by treating them as filters. The incoming clip is specified via an additional Transition Layer parameter:

The transition effect normally animates over the duration of the clip. You can customize this behavior by disabling the Transition Progress: Automatic parameter, and keyframing the Transition Progress parameter below it.

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