Buying Products in FxFactory

Buying and activating products in FxFactory

If you have already downloaded and installed the newest version of FxFactory, launch the FxFactory application, located in the Applications folder:


When the products window appears, move your mouse cursor over the product you wish to purchase. If the product you are trying to activate is not visible in the Products window, you may have to download and install the product to your computer first. Click the “Download” or “Download Trial” button to begin downloading a product (most products offer a trial). Discontinued products do not appear in the FxFactory application. They must be downloaded separately from our product archive.

Free products do not require any purchase. They can be registered at any time simply by providing a valid email address. The information that follows on this page is only meant to help you purchase commercial products.

The following example shows how to purchase “FxFactory Pro”:

Focused Product

Click the “Buy Now” button, which usually shows the product’s price, to begin the purchase:

Sign In

If you already have an account on the FxFactory Store, please enter your email address and password to proceed onto the next step.

If this is the first time you are purchasing a product via FxFactory, please click the “Create New Account” button instead. You will be asked to provide your email address and a password, which you will use to sign in and purchase products.

You can purchase products only if a valid account has been created, and you have signed in to your account on the system you are using to make the purchase.

Billing Address and Credit Card Information

If your account has no billing address or credit card associated with it, you will be asked to provide this information:

Billing Address

Click the “AutoFill” button to use information on your system to automatically fill out the form. This feature will only work if you have previously entered your own contact information via the “Contacts” application on your Mac.

Before clicking the “Continue” button, please make sure the billing address matches the one associated with the credit card you intend to use for your purchase.

When a billing address has been successfully entered, you will be asked to enter your credit card information next:

Credit Card Information

Please enter the information exactly as it appears on the credit card you intend to use for your purchase. Click the “Continue” button to associate this credit card with your account, and proceed to the purchase confirmation step.

Completing Your Purchase

To complete your purchase, you must always authorize FxFactory to charge your credit card an amount equal to the price of the product, plus any applicable sales taxes:

Confirm Purchase

Click the “Buy Now” button to authorize the purchase. If your request completes successfully, the product will automatically be unlocked on your system. It may be necessary to restart any video applications to use the product without a watermark.

Using an Existing Registration Code to Unlock a Product

If you already own a registration code for a product, click the “Redeem Code” button to unlock the product using an existing registration code:

Redeem Code

Enter a valid email address and the registration code. When all the required information has been supplied, click the “Register” button to unlock the product.

Free products do not require a registration code.