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Apple Motion 5

All of our visual effects plug-ins are available in Motion as Filters or Generators. Motion lists all available plug-ins via popup menus in the toolbar:

The most recent version of FxFactory requires Motion 5, taking full advantage of its 64-bit, GPU-accelerated previewing and rendering engine. Earlier versions of our software are available to users still running Motion 4.


Clicking the Generators popup menu lists categories and plug-ins within each category. As an example, the screenshot below shows the FxFactory Freebies category where many of our popular free plug-ins appear:

Selecting a generator will create a new clip on the timeline. This is different than filters and transitions, which can only be applied to existing clips on the timeline. To apply a filter or transition, select a clip on your timeline and select one of the plug-ins listed under the Filters popup menu.

Filters and Transitions

You will quickly notice that Motion has no separate menu to list transitions. All FxFactory transitions are available under the Filters menu instead. As a compositing and motion graphics tool, Motion lacks support for transition-style effects. In particular, it does not allow effects to be applied in-between clips. FxFactory allows you to use transitions by treating them as filters. The incoming clip is specified via an additional image input.

Accessing Plug-Ins via the Library

Generators, filters and transitions can also be accessed in the Library. Select the Generators icon to browse categories. Select an individual category to view the plug-ins within that category. For example, the screenshot below shows the generators available as part of Photo Montage, one of our products designed for photo animation:

Drag a generator from the list over a location on your timeline to apply it.

A similar UI is available for Filters. Below are all filters installed on the system. Notice various categories for plug-ins included with FxFactory Pro as well as other products based on FxFactory:

Filters and transitions can be dragged over existing clips on the timeline. Since Motion does not support transition-style effects, the Library does not have a separate section for transitions. All FxFactory transitions are grouped together with filters. The example below shows all transitions that are bundled with FxFactory Pro:

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