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Key Features

Color Cone is an entirely new concept for color correction as well as the creation of looks. Powerful as well as intuitive it is able to deliver impressive results with a few clicks. Color Cone is based on an HCL–color model which is visualized in the form of a bicone. Through a clever transformation from the source to the target colors with Color Warp, even drastic changes in color (even in 8-bit images) can still look very smooth.

To create a look or correct colors you can define one or several points. Each of these points has a source and a target color value as well as a radius defining how much it affects the surrounding colors. Very precise color manipulation can be done using a very small radius whereas a bigger radius can help you create a desired atmosphere in an image. To avoid mixing or canceling out the effects of several control points by overlapping, Color Cone has a useful automatic radius function.

It's very hard to put in words how well this actually works. So why don't you download a fully functional trial version of Color Cone right now and create a fantastic look today.

Version History

The latest version of Color Cone is 2.5.0. We recommend that you install Color Cone only via FxFactory. Should you need to install any prior version of Color Cone, please contact tech support.
Color Cone 2.5.0
Color Cone 2.3.1
Please note that our products will not work unless FxFactory is available on the system.