Buying and activating products in FxFactory

This document explains how to purchase and activate products through FxFactory. Most products on our catalog can be used in trial mode. Buying and unlocking a product removes any restrictions found in the trial version, such as visual watermarks added by plugins to the output.

Free products do not require any purchase. Free products can be installed and registered via the FxFactory app simply by providing a valid email address. The information that follows on this page is only meant to help you purchase commercial products.

Buying a product through our website

Any time you are browsing products on our website, you can click the blue button showing the product’s current price (in USD) to begin the checkout process:

You will find a similar button on each product’s landing page. When you click that button, you will be redirected to a page where you can complete the purchase. The most popular payment methods are supported, including ApplePay, PayPal and Amazon Pay:
FastSpring Checkout

Please note the email address used to complete the order. FxFactory will associate your new license with that email address.

We encourage you to contact us regarding any issue related to a purchase, such as:

  • You may have entered the wrong email address at the time of purchase.
  • You need to transfer a previous purchase to a different email address.
  • You need to consolidate purchases made through different email addresses under a single account.
  • You have questions regarding one of the payment methods supported by the checkout process.

You will receive an email confirmation shortly after completing the purchase.

An FxFactory account is now associated with your email address. From this point forward, all your purchase history will be recorded with your account, making it easy to unlock products you have purchased from us.

Activating the product upon completing your purchase

If you have already downloaded and installed the newest version of FxFactory, please launch the FxFactory app, located in the Applications folder:

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If needed, you can download the most recent version of FxFactory from this page.

If this is the first purchase you made through FxFactory, you will have to sign in to unlock the product. When the FxFactory window appears, click the Sign In button to begin:
Sign In
Clicking the Sign In button brings up the account window:

Enter the email address you placed the order with, and click the Forgot button to request a new password.

You will receive an email shortly after clicking the Forgot button. Click the special link in that email to assign a new password to your account.

Next, switch back to the FxFactory app and sign in using your new password.

Upon signing in, any previous purchases associated with your account will be downloaded and unlocked automatically, as long as the product is compatible with your current system configuration.

FxFactory remembers all purchases made using a given email address. Any time you need to set up a new Mac for work, you can quickly and automatically restore your previous purchases simply by signing in to your account.

Activate a product purchased through a reseller

If you purchased one of our products through a reseller, you may have been issued a registration code upon completing your purchase. To unlock the product, launch the FxFactory app and select the Redeem Code… command under the Account menu:
Redeem Code
Enter a valid email address and the registration code, then click the Register button to unlock the product:
Redeem Code Window