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All of our visual effects plug-ins are listed in the Effects Palette, under Video Effects and Video Transitions*:

Applying Filters

Video Filters can be applied to existing clips on your timeline. Drag a plug-in from the effects palette onto a clip to apply it:

Once a filter has been applied, it can be configured via the Effect Controls palette:

Applying Generators

Generators can only be applied to an existing clip, whose content is usually overwritten by the generator. In Premiere Pro, it is common practice to create a new empty clip by selecting the File > New > Black Video... menu command:

Make sure the new clip has the same characteristics of the sequence where you need to apply the generator:

Once the Black Video clip has been created, it will appear along with other project assets:

Drag the Black Video clip to the desired location on the timeline. Drag any generator plug-in from the Effects Palette onto to the clip to apply it.

Applying Transitions

Starting with Premiere Pro CC 7.1, all FxFactory transitions can be applied in between clips and at the head or tail of a clip. The following example shows a transition dragged from the Effects Palette in between two clips:

For the best results, make sure the incoming and outgoing clips have identical characteristics. At the very least, they should have the same aspect ratio. The highest-quality results are obtained when the clips also share the same resolution (dimensions in pixels).

Video Transitions are configured via the Effect Controls palette:

Known Issues

When starting up the app for the first time, and after making changes to your configuration, Premiere Pro will spent significant time building a plugin cache. This process is designed to make subsequent launches faster.

Please be patient while this process completes. More information is available on this page: Known issues in Premiere Pro 24.1

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FxFactory lets you browse and install all our products, including any commercial and free plugins for Premiere Pro. Most commercial plugins can be used in trial mode so you get to try before you buy. FxFactory 8.0.16 supports Premiere Pro 22 or later.