More visual effects plugins by Hawaiki

Hawaiki AutoGrade Icon
Fully automatic image correction plug-in
Hawaiki AutoMatch Icon
Powerful and precise shot matching
Hawaiki AutoSplit Icon
Versatile split screen animations
Hawaiki Color Icon
Color grading with on-screen color wheels
Hawaiki Keyer 4.5 Icon
Bluescreen and greenscreen keyer
Hawaiki Style Icon
Enhance text and logos
Hawaiki Super Dissolve Icon
The Dissolve Reinvented
Hawaiki Super Glow Icon
The Glow Reinvented

Looking for an older version of Hawaiki Analyzer?

The current version is 1.0.2, and we recommend that you install Hawaiki Analyzer via FxFactory. Should you need to install the product manually, please use the links below.
Hawaiki Analyzer 1.0.2
Hawaiki Analyzer 1.0.1
Hawaiki Analyzer 1.0
Please note that our products will not work unless FxFactory is available on the system. Double-click the downloaded file to complete the installation.