Who is using FxFactory?

What do they think?



“We were impressed with FxFactory and have been using it for some unique projects.”

John Dames, CoreAudioVisual

“...It works like a charm – what a terrific set of plugins you’ve created! You guys are doing terrific work!”

Andy Field, FieldVision Productions / ABCNews

“I have to say you and your company are just about the most responsive software people I have ever dealt with.”

Gardiner, Gabba Media, LLC

“You are awesome, thank you. I love the FxFactory system and they are paying for themselves in spades!”

David Jolosky, Visual Communications, LLC

“The rendering is fast and the effects are great. I think the product is a real winner.”

Ned Soltz, LAFCPUG

“I downloaded your FX plugin pack and got addicted to the damm thing and now I am forced to buy it.”

Kevin Workman

“I downloaded the product, installed and used it in a piece I did for a local agency i work with. It was light years faster to work with than Sapphire and the agency loved the result.”

Johnny Mendez, Hen House Media

“I am quite familiar with your great products. You guys rock!”

Axel Ericson, Digital Arts, NYC

“I love your stuff! There is no dollar better spent on plug-ins and effects!”

Marc Salomon

“If you haven’t tried FxFactory, you are missing a treat. I’ve been reading what other Final Cut trainers have to say about the software and the word “awe-inspiring” is often used.”

Larry Jordan

“I’ve had a great time developing plugins for Motion with your system and Quartz Composer. Thanks for such a great tool.”

Tony Stutterheim

“Anytime we have a new project the first thing we do, is go to the NI industries plug-ins folder; it's an indispensable tool.”

Girshon Rutstein, Dream Images

“Your filters are amazing… truly making my videos jump from here to there.. very cool stuff...”

David Flad, Q1Designs

“Great concept and great adaption of technology.”

Philip Hodgetts

“Just wanted to let you folks know that FxFactory is amazing software and the package implementation is great as well. Thanks for a great product!”

Tangier Clarke, Loyola Productions, Inc.

“I feel like I just opened a giant Christmas gift! The NI plug-ins are totally fantastic. Generators? Transisitions too? Oh bless you!”

Kevin Monahan, Author, “Motion Graphics and Effects in Final Cut Pro”