Transitions that ease your footage in and out applied through the title layer so they are stackable, time-saving and allow you to combine multiple styles easily!

Works in 
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 Final Cut Pro

More visual effects plugins by CineFlare

AutoTextBox Icon
Automatically resizing titles
CineText Icon
Stackable, animated titles
CineTransitions Icon
100+ creative transitions
Detailer Icon
Restoration and color retouching
Fader Icon
Fading layer transitions
FilmStrip Icon
Film strip transitions and slide effects
Gradient Icon
Quickly add a gradient to titles and images
HandHeld Icon
Lens movements, whip pans and bumps
HighlightText Icon
Highlight text by word or by line
Horizon Fixer Icon
Fix horizon lines that change with your camera
KineticBadges Icon
Vector graphics library
KineticText Icon
Kinetic typography
LensWhack Icon
Lens distortions and light leaks
ObjectAnimator Icon
Animate any object on your timeline
PopOut Icon
3D animations with camera-like perspective and motion
Screens Icon
Show content through realistic tablet and computer screens
ShoutOut Icon
Modular callout elements
Smooth Icon
Stack and combine layer transitions
TextWarp Icon
Uniquely designed title distortions
Tunnels Icon
Static and depth tunnel transitions
Vestige Icon
Particle emitters with automatic tracking
Viewfinder Icon
Authentic camera viewfinders and more
White Balancer Icon
Use the Apple Color Picker to set the white balance temperature

Looking for an older version of Elastic?

The current version is 1.0, and we recommend that you install Elastic via FxFactory. Should you need to install the product manually, please use the links below.
Elastic 1.0
Please note that our products will not work unless FxFactory is available on the system. Double-click the downloaded file to complete the installation.