27 simple, modern titles.

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 Final Cut Pro

More visual effects plugins by Stupid Raisins

Alpha Pop Icon
Hand-animated fonts
Arrow Pop Icon
Animated, motion trackable arrows for Final Cut Pro
Badge Pop Icon
Add animated badges with built-in motion tracking
Block Pop Icon
Transitions that break the outgoing clip into blocks
Bold Pop Icon
Big, bold titles to share your big ideas
Callout Pop 2 Icon
Animated callout templates with object tracking
Comic Pop Icon
Comic book style animation
Data Pop Icon
Infographic titles for HD content
Data Pop Free Icon
Free infographic titles
Disguise Pop Icon
Track an object to mask or censor it through effects or overlays
Emoji Pop Icon
Animated emojis
Fast Pop Icon
Quick blur transitions
Flow Pop Icon
Stylized, flowing transitions
Grid Pop Icon
Quickly layout anything in Final Cut Pro
HUD Pop Icon
50 motion-trackable HUD elements
Holiday Pop Icon
25 holiday themed templates
Icon Pop Icon
Animated icons for Final Cut Pro
Info Pop Icon
Promote, inform and describe through handmade styles
Insta Pop Icon
Titles and templates for social media
Logo Pop Icon
Catchy logo animations
Look Pop Icon
Stylish motion trackable callouts
Love Pop Icon
Animated wedding templates
Lower Pop Icon
Customizable lower-third titles
Moment Pop Icon
60 templates for Instagram Stories
Movie Pop Icon
Copycat titles of blockbusters
Panel Pop Icon
Transitions that break your video into panels and animate them
Paragraph Pop Icon
Show sentences, paragraphs and large amounts of text
Parallax Pop Icon
Modern, parallax style effects and fresh animated text titles
Pledge Pop Icon
Promote products and services with animated guarantees
Pointer Pop Icon
Pointer, pins and indicators with automatic tracking
Quote Pop Icon
37 quote title templates with object tracking
Review Pop Icon
Add motion trackable ratings and reviews to your videos
Sale Pop Icon
Holiday themed templates to promote sales
Shape Pop Icon
Transitions that break your video into different shapes
Shop Pop Icon
Shopping themed tags, badges, buttons and titles
Side Pop Icon
Animated sidebar titles
Slide Pop Icon
View-Master effects and transitions
Snap Pop Icon
Animated accent shapes and elements
Split Pop Icon
Animated splitscreens
Story Pop Icon
Animated whiteboard sketches
Swap Pop Icon
Clean, modern and minimalist transitions
Symbol Pop Icon
Animated symbols and icons
Tech Pop Icon
Hi-tech, motion trackable callouts
Text Pop Icon
Animated 3D Titles
Time Pop Icon
Animated timers
Title Pop Icon
Unique animated titles
Tube Pop Icon
Make catchy content for YouTube and other video sharing sites
Wall Pop Icon
30 video wall templates
Water Pop Icon
Water-inspired titles, animations and transitions
Word Pop Icon
Display any textual information elegantly

Looking for an older version of Simple Pop?

The current version is 1.0.1, and we recommend that you install Simple Pop via FxFactory. Should you need to install the product manually, please use the links below.
Simple Pop 1.0.1
Simple Pop 1.0
Please note that our products will not work unless FxFactory is available on the system. Double-click the downloaded file to complete the installation.