Manifesto for Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Motion


Free static title and title roll/crawl generators.



Making Titling Easy

Manifesto lets you create static titles, title rolls and title crawls.

The static title generator offers a unique way to create and adjust simple one-line titles without leaving the parameter inspector. More complex titles and styles can be entered via a separate text editing window:

Text Editing Window

Manifesto lets you match the duration of your title rolls and crawls to the duration of the clip, thus eliminating the need for keyframes.

Key Features

• Keyframing optional: no keyframes are required for animation. The text of your choice is scrolled in and out of frame automatically, based on the length of the generator track. This feature also lets you match a title roll (or crawl) to the duration of a different clip.

• Use existing RTF files: this plug-in can reference an existing RTF file on disk, allowing you to rely entirely on an external program for text input and layout.

• Built-in motion blurring and de-flickering: create high-quality animations at any frame rate with built-in motion blur and the ability to reduce interlacing artifacts.

• Easy masking abilities: use external media to determine which portions of the title are visible, or viceversa.

How do I install

Manifesto is available via FxFactory, our free application to manage and install visual effects plug-ins. Please make sure that the latest version of FxFactory is installed on your system:
Click the following link to download and show Manifesto in FxFactory, and begin using it in your favorite video application:

How do I use these titling plugins in Apple Final Cut ProFinal Cut Pro X?

Click the Titles icon to browse all titling effects available in Final Cut Pro X and select the Manifesto category:

Manifesto Titles in Final Cut Pro X

The same Manifesto plugins are also available as a Generators. The output and functionality are identical, so feel free to choose the effect type that best suits your project.

Drag drag the Roll/Crawl or Static variant of Manifesto to your timeline. Select the clip and position the current playhead between its in/out points to view the effect parameters in the inspector:

Manifesto parameters in Final Cut Pro X

How do I use these plug-ins in Adobe Premiere ProPremiere Pro?

Create a new Transparent Video asset in your project, and drag it to your timeline:

Transparent Video Layer in Premiere Pro

Look for the Manifesto generators in the FxFactory Freebies category. Drag the desired version of Manifesto over the Transparent Video clip and use the parameter inspector to begin setting it up:

Generator in Premiere Pro

How do I use these plug-ins in Apple MotionMotion?

Click the Add Object icon on the toolbar. Scroll down to the Generators > FxFactory Freebies menu and select the desired Manifesto generator to add it to your timeline:

Manifesto generator in Motion

How do I use these plug-ins in Adobe After EffectsAfter Effects?

Select an existing layer, or create a new Solid layer on your timeline and select it. Choose the "Manifesto" generator from the Effects > FxFactory Freebies menu.

Manifesto Generators in After Effects