Star Titler for Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Motion

Star Titler

Simulate opening titles from the 1977 Star Wars movie.



Keyframing Optional

Let Star Titler figure out the correct timing for your animation based on a simple choice:


Star Titler can keep the animation in sync with the duration of the clip. You can also set the duration in seconds or control the progress manually, if you prefer to keyframe a single parameter.

Key Features

Type or import your own text, customize its style and let it roll.

Depth blurring simulates characters going out-of-focus as they scroll out of frame.

Doesn't sacrifice flexibility: the animation can also be controlled manually by keyframing a few parameters.

Supported Hosts

The Star Titler generator works in all hosts currently supported by FxFactory: Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro and After Effects.

How do I install
Star Titler?

Star Titler is available via FxFactory, our free application to manage and install visual effects plug-ins. Please make sure that the latest version of FxFactory is installed on your system:
Click the following link to download and show Star Titler in FxFactory, and begin using it in your favorite video application:

How do I use these plug-ins in Apple Final Cut ProFinal Cut Pro X?

Click the generator icon to browse all video generators available in Final Cut Pro X. Select the Star Titler category and drag the desired effect to your timeline:

Generator in Final Cut Pro X

How do I use these plug-ins in Apple Final Cut ProFinal Cut Pro 7?

Drag one of the Star Titler generators from the Effects tab to any location in your timeline.

Generator in Final Cut Pro 7

How do I use these plug-ins in Adobe Premiere ProPremiere Pro?

Create a new Transparent Video asset in your project, and drag it to your timeline:

Transparent Video Layer in Premiere Pro

Look for the Star Titler generators in the FxFactory Freebies category. Drag the desired version of Manifesto over the Transparent Video clip and use the parameter inspector to begin setting it up:

Generator in Premiere Pro

How do I use these plug-ins in Apple MotionMotion?

Click the icon, and select the Star Titler generator from the FxFactory Freebies Star Titler.

How do I use these plug-ins in Adobe After EffectsAfter Effects?

Select an existing layer, or create a new Solid layer on your timeline and select it. Choose the Star Titler generator from the Effects > FxFactory Freebies menu.