Timecode for Final Cut Pro X


Add an expandable, customizable timecode display window to Final Cut Pro X.


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Timecodes so big they can be seen from space.

Ever wished Final Cut Pro would let you display the current timecode on a secondary display, in a bigger size with colors that stand out?

Our plug-in allows you to display the current timecode in an external window whose size and colors can be customized at will. Your clients will never have to squint their eyes again.

Timecode 1.0.6 displays its timecode with a font that matches the user interface of Final Cut Pro 10.3 and allows you to customize the font weight for more visibility.

The previously introduced Copy Current Timecode command allows you to copy the current timecode string to the clipboard. The command is available when displaying the contextual menu for either the native timecode display or the separate window.

How do I install Timecode?

The Timecode plug-in is free for all FxFactory users, and it runs in Final Cut Pro 10.2 (or later). FxFactory is a free App Store to manage and install products for Pro users. Please make sure that the latest version is installed on your system to proceed:
Once FxFactory is installed on your system, click the following link to download Timecode and begin using it in Final Cut Pro:

How do I use Timecode?

To show the Timecode window, launch Final Cut Pro and right-click on the numerical display below the Viewer:

Show Timecode Window

To customize the appearance of the timecode, right-click on the Timecode window:

Customize Timecode Window